“It is my opinion that the 4G-AQUA perform exactly as they are guaranteed to do with no maintenance of any kind.”

Mr. Akash – Vijay Nagar – Indore (M.P).

“We have found that our water pressure has increased substantially and we have softer water along with a descaling of our pipes and water heater.

Dr. Sanjay Popat - Gujarat

“We carried out a final check. This was entirely satisfactory. In our view the installation has proved to be a total success. The chillers are in perfect functioning condition and totally maintenance-free.”

Ritesh Chawala – Ujjain (M.P)

“To be honest I did not think this would work, but it does. The shower head is so much easier to clean and the taps only need to be wiped over. No more limescale remover needed. Not a bad investment”

Mr. Ashish Kashmire – Babji Nagar - Indore

“I was using a water softener because of the dolomitic limestone in the Lansdale water supply. Since installing the 3G-AQUA units, I have not used the salt water softener and have better water than before.”

Dr. Chhantbar - Gujarat

“Water appears softer and areas around sinks and taps are either clear of scale or scale is very easy to remove”

Mrs. B.S. , Covenham, Lincolnshire

“We are extremely happy with the product and would advise anybody to install 4G-AQUA without any hesitation. An excellent product”

Mr. G.A. , Chilwell, UAE

I have no problem selling these units, at all.

Abdul Rashid, Pulnama (J& K)