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"My husband and I are very glad we installed the 3G-AQUA Plus. We have already noticed the difference in our water: coffee tastes better; laundry needs less detergent; turned down the temperature of our hot water heater; no more white stains on our dishes and shower doors; the skin feels softer; the water tastes better and looks clear. Indeed we can vouch that it works."
Ms. Manju Daga, Indore (M.P)

"I was using a water softener because of the dolomitic limestone in the Lansdale water supply. Since installing the 3G-AQUA units, I have not used the salt water softener and have better water than before."
Dr. Chhantbar, Gujarat

"We have found that our water pressure has increased substantially and we have softer water along with a descaling of our pipes and water heater.
Dr. Sanjay Popat, Gujrat

"Prior to attaching the devices, I had continuous problems with the effects of hard water. Such problems included calcium deposits in the shower, in the bathtub, and in the tea kettle. Also, I had dripping faucets and poor sudsing in the washing machine. after installing the 3G-AQUA Plus devices, the problems were resolved."
Mr. Vachchhani, Ex. Excise Officer, Rajkot

"Within one week I could detect a change in the taste of my water–a little like rain water. Water pressure had been a problem in this house from the day I bought it. In only 10 days or so I began to note an increase in the pressure as I showered. It seemed to increase over the next couple of weeks. I also noted the hard water build-up on the shower head diminished. And the hard water ring in the toilet just disappeared."
Patel Granites, Hitesh Bhai, Rajkot

"It is my opinion that the 4G-AQUA perform exactly as they are guaranteed to do with no maintenance of any kind."
Mr. Akash, Vijay Nagar, Indore (M.P)

"3G-AQUA Plus treatment is an excellent way to control scale and corrosion in water systems. It's efficiency has been demonstrated where significant cost savings were effected and the 3G-AQUA Plus treatment reduced the amount of scale and corrosion."
Mr. Abhimanyu Ghra, Gajra Gear Ltd., Indore (M.P)

"We are thankful we decided to use the 3G-AQUA instead of re-piping our Apartment complex. We saved over Rs. 1,00,000/-. Within days of placing the 3G-AQUA on the water lines residents were reporting that the pressure was better and they had lots of hot water. The 3G-AQUA work, our residents are happy with the increased water pressure, lots of hot water and clearer water."
Miss. Rachna Bansel, Mittal Corp Ltd., Indore (M.P)

"We performed a test on two identical water heaters. Both heaters were drained and cleaned of all mineral buildup. One heater received a 3G-AQUA Plus, the other did not. After six months, we drained both heaters. The one with the 3G-AQUA Plus had little if any buildup, while the one without the 3G-AQUA Plus had significant mineral buildup. I believe that with the 3G-AQUA Plus system, we can increase the life of our water heaters significantly. We remain very satisfied customers."
Arpit Gipta, Metro Tower, Indore (M.P)

"We carried out a final check. This was entirely satisfactory. In our view the installation has proved to be a total success. The chillers are in perfect functioning condition and totally maintenance-free."
Ritesh Chawala, Ujjain (M.P)

"Due to hard water in this area, there has been a constant problem with calcium and mineral deposits on water lines and boiler tubes. We use your 4G-AQUA in several apartment buildings that we manage. Since we started using the 4G-AQUA, the faucets and boiler tubes have had a noticeable reduction in calcium and mineral buildup. We can only attribute this to the use of your product. I would recommend the use of your product to correct these types of problems."
Dr. Akbar Ali, Royal Care Hospital, Indore (M.P)

"Since 3G-AQUA Plus was installed on our 450 H.P. Leaver Brooks boiler the following changes have taken place: Total elimination of chemical use, increased boiler efficiency, increased effectiveness. The 3G-AQUA Plus paid for themselves within seven months. We are totally satisfied."
Nirajbhai Patel, Rajkot

"Once the 3G-AQUA Plus was installed on to the water recirculating system of the ET-1 machines the rust buildup throughout the cooling tanks and molds began to slowly break up into particles. They eventually settled to the bottom of the tanks which enabled the filtering system to filter them out. The results: Cleaner tanks and molds, less down time."
Shrikantbhai Lakhlani, Futurewood Products

"We never believed that a product could be so effective. We tried other water softeners that required regular replacement of filters etc. and yet did not perform in the same way as 4G-AQUA does. Since 4G-AQUA has been installed we have not had to clean shower heads or remove any lime scale from any of the taps. The results are very satisfactory"
Mr. R.M.J., Swindon, Wiltshire

"Water appears softer and areas around sinks and taps are either clear of scale or scale is very easy to remove"
Mrs. B.S. Covenham, Lincolnshire

"To be honest I did not think this would work, but it does. The shower head is so much easier to clean and the taps only need to be wiped over. No more limescale remover needed. Not a bad investment"
Mr.Ashish Kashmire, Babji Nagar, Indore

"We bought and fitted an 3G-AQUA about 6 weeks ago. About 2 weeks after fitting we noticed a difference in our 5 month old daughters skin. Previously her skin had been very dry and scaly and no amount of skin cream seemed to make a difference . Since then her skin has been baby soft (as it should be!). We have on occasions visited friends overnight and bathed the baby at their house, the condition of her skin immediately deteriorates but reverts back as soon as we are home. This isn't the type of "de-scaling" we had expected but is a very welcome bonus. Regards and many thanks from a satisfied customer"
Mr. Anil Joshi, Vishal Feb, Indore

"We are extremely happy with the product and would advise anybody to install 4G-AQUA without any hesitation. An excellent product"
Mr.G.A. , Chilwell, UAE

"I've been using 3G-AQUA now since mid-October last year & have to say, it certainly appears to be working. There's no more limescale build-up in the upstairs toilet or on the bath & taps, whereas before it was awful. Also, I've noticed that after a shower, my face doesn't 'burn' anymore. I've also just bought a new washing machine, so I'm sure it will be benefiting too"
Mr. Sanjeevani Kamlakar, Ahemadabad

I have no problem selling these units, at all.
Abdul Rashid, Pulnama (J & K)

After the installation on the water system, we saw an immediate change to the cleanliness of the clothing as well as the 1/3 decrease in chemicals needed to clean the clothes.  The whites are considerably whiter and the colors come out brighter.  The difference was immediately recognized by our customers.
We were so pleased with the results, we decided to put the 3G-AQUA Plus on our home.  Not only do we see a difference in the taste of the water, but the most enjoyable thing is to take a shower with the silky like water that is a result from the system. 
I would not hesitate to recommend the 3G-AQUA Plus to any one that is concerned about utility costs and upkeep of their plumbing.  The difference will be seen almost immediately.
T.R., Florida

It is a pleasure for me to recommend the 3G-AQUA which we use at both our home and office.  These 3G-AQUA are so efficient that they have eliminated practically all the scale and lime build-up that we experienced before the 3G-AQUA were installed.
The 3G-AQUA Plus is truly a miracle invention.  It conditions the water like nothing we have ever seen.  It is far superior to the soft water which we had in our home for a number of years.
Anyone who purchases a 3G-AQUA for a home or business will be making a wise investment.  It’s full of amazing benefits. 
Mohd. Aslam, Hyderabad

"I am delighted with the 3G-AQUA and only wish that I had got it many years ago. Some of the benefits appeared very quickly, basins and toilets looking very much better and clothes feeling softer after washing. No doubt the improvement will continue as the lime scale is gradually flushed out of the system.
I was particularly impressed by the quality of work by your plumber. He did the installation very quickly without damage to the existing decorations and it is a pleasure to see such a job done by a real craftsman rather then the bodged job that is unfortunately so common nowadays."
Devdutt Pradhad, Orissa

I must tell you how delighted I am with the 3G-AQUA Plus. I am experiencing a number of advantages from it, all those to be expected plus some that I did not expect. My hands now are so much smoother and to date I have not had any of the unpleasant sores on the tips of my fingers normally associated with the winter.
Yes, it is an investment which I wish I had entered into years ago but one which will be to enjoy in the years to come.
Nirmal Das, Guwahati, Assam

I am writing to say that my wife and I are delighted with the non-electrical water softener “3G-AQUA Plus” that was installed here on the 30th of November. We noticed the difference within a week, and the water all over the house is now beautifully soft; and salt consumption seems to be quite low.
Thanks to you, and the installation plumber, we now have an excellent piece of equipment which we would strongly recommend to anyone who has a hard water problem.
With best wishes for a Happy Diwali and a successful Year.
Anand Thakur, Rajasthan

It has been 5 weeks now since we had our 4G-AQUA installed and I felt I had to write to you to say how very pleased we are with it.
Apart from the immediate change to the feel of the water, we have noticed so many other benefits.
Primarily, the effect it has had on the toilets, shower, wash-hand basins, bath and sink, they all stay so much cleaner now and the horrible black marks which appear in between the tiles in the shower are gradually disappearing.
We are using far less soap powder, washing up liquid, toilet soap, shampoo and cleaning materials.
The washing feels so much cleaner and softer and we do not get those nasty white streaky marks any more. The stains are disappearing from the plastic and pyrex cookware, which I have had for a long time.
All these benefits were brought to our attention when we considered having a 4G-AQUA installed, but it really has fulfilled all of them.
I have no hesitation in recommending your product and only wish we had one fitted earlier.
Yash Raj, Supreme Aqua Care, Indore

It is now several weeks since we had one of your 3G-AQUA installed, I felt that I had to write to tell you that we are delighted with it. I would also add that your son did a great job with the installation.
My wife is already finding that she no longer needs to use any of the softening materials in the washing machine nor the aids in the dishwasher and of course is delighted with the resulting savings! She also finds, as you stated would be the case, that the bathroom fittings and the toilets are much easier to keep clean.
Kalpesh Bhai Soni, Gujarat

I am writing to say how delighted I am with my 4G-AQUA, only wish I had it installed a long time ago. All the scale is finally off from everywhere and taps are running 100% in other parts of the house.
Once again thank you for installing a really good system. I have passed on your name etc... to others
Mr. Apurva Dave, Ahemadabad

May I just say how utterly delighted I am with the 3G-AQUA Plus system. It has transformed my dry skin and allowed me to live a ‘normal’ life, one which I have been unable to live for a few years especially in winter.
I will happily and freely advise your company I feel so excided about the transformation it has made to me, already my friends know, and relatives to! So if you have any perspective clients who need a recommendation I will gladly give it.
Honey Jain, Orissa

"Your product, 3G-AQUA Plus worked for us. We have our own well, our water is hard. Thank you for a good product that worked.
Piyush Parikh, Kunj Enterprises, Indore

"I have never found a product worthy of a written testimonial until I stumbled onto your 3G-AQUA. It actually makes cleaning FUN because the results are so readily visible and rewarding."
Vijaybhai Patel, Ahemadabad

"Recently I purchased 3G-AQUA and found the results excellent and far better than any other product.
Kamal Thakur, Chhatisgarh