About Us

SARKAR International has Patented Redox Water Treatment System for Primary and Wastewater Applications.

He had discovered the value of the electro-chemical oxidation process known as “redox” which, in his experiments, reduced chlorine to chloride.

Not only did Don discover an exciting new process for removing chlorine from water, he also opened up a brand new era in treating water.

Word of mouth, one-to-one education and many success stories convinced the water treatment industry of the viability and desirability of using his “discovery.” Advertising and marketing generated many new leads and subsequent sales. Business started to grow.

Sarkar International is a Manufacturing company and is a pioneer in Water Treatment products in India. We offer high quality products at affordable prices. We have our own Research and Development Facility & every product that we offer is well researched & tested before it is offered to our customers. We’re also setting up a strong distribution chain spanning all big cities of India. Our belief in providing customers a convenient and better shopping experience by slowly creating a loyal customer base for us.  NATURAL WATER SOFTENER today enjoys a comfortable leading position when it comes to internet search engines across the globe.

For our customers, we aim to be India’s leading Water Treatment Products Company by providing round-the-clock product deliveries and value-added services. Our customers can rely on us to get unparalleled products. Our aim is to provide genuine & well-researched products to all our customers.

We feel proud to introduce ourselves as an organization-undertaking job of various products on contract basis.

We would be highly pleased if you will let us know your requirement for our best. We are highly interested in having long lasting business relation with your esteemed organization. Please note we would manufacture the finished product as per your desired packing details and under your Brand name, we would be highly pleased to receive your requirement of above products, please do not hesitate to contact us if you are looking for some other item than the above.

We are manufacturing Anti Scaling, Anti Rusting, and Anti Algae Systems.

We have good network in UAE, Saudi, Pakistan, Srilanka, Bangladesh, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Australia, Thailand, and many other countries.

Quality Policies

We have achieved grand success in maintaining international quality standards.

The company always focus on not to compromise with quality at any cost.

Due to multiple application euipments, techniques in its custody with trained and expert manpower, the company can take up and execute projects at any time, anywhere in india.

we assure our client for prompt services and timely completion of job, it helped us to constantly work in similar firm for longer period.